Sirin Labs' Finney joins MyEtherWallet, adds to crypto smartphone growth

22 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 22 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Sirin Labs' Finney joins MyEtherWallet, adds to crypto smartphone growth

The creators of the blockchain and crypto focused Finney smartphone, Sirin Labs, have announced during this week the latest crypto wallet inclusion on a phone.

MyEtherWallet, an open-source, client-side interface facilitating storage and spending of different Ethereum standards such as the popular ERC-20, will be offering users of the smartphone an offline storage system for their tokens. Sirin Labs CEO Zvika Landau valued the integration as “a strong step towards a greater market share for both companies, as the two products complement each other”.

Meanwhile, Kosala Hemachandra, CEO of MyEtherWallet, was similarly positive about the latest step forward from both companies: “We believe having an on-phone hardware wallet is immensely valuable to users and will make crypto more accessible". The Finney smartphone can now compete in similar terms with models such as the Samsung S10, which triggered severe price action recently with regards to announcements of crypto integration.

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Besides launching the first blockchain smartphone store worldwide, Sirin Labs have been involved in some serious marketing efforts in the past, reaching such lengths as of signing football star Leo Messi as a bran ambassador. Although the remuneration and conditions of the deal have not been publicly communicated, the social media posts of the Barcelona player can go for as much as $500,000 the piece. 

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