Think you are late to the crypto party? think again

22 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Think you are late to the crypto party? think again

Cryptocurrencies have seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the course of the last three years. The industry has also seen one of the biggest bull markets in its history, followed by one of the longest bear markets in history. So are you too late to the crypto party?

It can be a difficult question to ask yourself when you realize bitcoin has already pumped to $20,000 and come back down to $4,000. The entire market cap of the cryptocurrency market has slumped by over 400% since January 2018. 

Most would assume that the bubble has popped and the boat has been missed. However, looking at the current market value, cryptocurrencies make up only $140 billion. To put that into perspective, that equates to less than 1% of the total stock market. Infact, the cryptocurrency market is so small it only represents 2% of the gold market. 

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The amount of growth that the crypto market is expected to see could easily double the early 2018 high of $700 billion. 

While bitcoin has seen a 80% reversal in price, most of the crypto community see this as a second opportunity to get back into the markets at a cheaper price. With Bitcoins halving expected next year, the inflation rate will drop once again and this is generally cause from an upside in price movement for BTC. The market is only now beginning to level off following the 2018 crypto winter and the potential upside from current prices would be a great entry into the market for any new crypto investor.

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