Windows version of popular Wasabi BTC wallet has been duplicated by scammer

22 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 22 Mar, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Windows version of popular Wasabi BTC wallet has been duplicated by scammer

Scammers create a fake website that contains links to download Wasabi Bitcoin wallet, the links point to the original source, except the Windows version. 

Popular open source Bitcoin wallet, the Wasabi wallet’s users or potential users should be more cautious if they want to download the Windows version of the wallet.

To those unfamiliar with Wasabi wallet, it’s an open source Bitcoin wallet that uses “shuffling” technology, like what Tor uses, in order to provide users with additional privacy while using Bitcoin.

The co-founder, nopara73 just posted on Twitter that there have been malicious people who created a website that contains the links to download Wasabi wallet.

The fraudulent website, wasabibitcoinwallet[dot]org lists four versions of the wallet, which are macOS, Windows and 2 Linux versions.

While the links of the macOS and Linux point to the real Wasabi wallet on GitHub, that’s not the case with the Windows link.

If the Windows link is clicked, it will automatically download a .msi file that’s hosted by the malicious actor’s website directly.

Interestingly, antivirus engines couldn’t detect any malware inside the installer.

After further investigation, Nopara73 found out that the fake version is “not a virus yet”, but definitely a scam.

Quoting what he told The Next Web, “It may not be a virus yet, they may just be building up their userbase. It may be a virus, but they’re doing a selective scam.”

“The Linux and OSX users would vouch for the site, because their software is the original one, so that’d create confusion in forums where they spread the link,” he continued.

Answering the question why the scammers chose the Windows version, he predicted that it is probably too difficult to develop “modified Wasabi” for the other platforms.

Nopara73 also mentioned the steps he has taken so far to obstruct the scammers’ efforts, “Now unfortunately for them, they don’t have the signing key I’m using to sign the binary on Windows, so when you’ll try to install their software, Microsoft will complain: ‘Hey, this software has an unknown publisher.’ I wonder if this jeopardizes their efforts.”

The news confirms how crypto enthusiasts and investors should really up their security game. Just yesterday a malware that targets forex and crypto traders was also reported by researchers at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42.

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