Newly-launched Binance Lite Australia offers 50% off for transaction fee

22 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 22 Mar, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Newly-launched Binance Lite Australia offers 50% off for transaction fee

Binance gives a huge discount for Binance Lite Australia beta users. 

Like Alex Saunders, the founder of NuggetNewsAU who just stated his desire to help in providing a regulatory framework in Australia, Binance is also taking the country down under market very seriously. 

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After launching its Binance Lite Australia just a couple of days ago, the exchange announces a “huge discount” for its beta users.

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Users can now transact on Binance Lite platform with only 2.5% transaction fee after the 50% discount is applied, which means the actual before-discounted fee is 5%.

Although it’s not the most expensive Bitcoin purchase fee in the land of the kangaroo, there are other exchanges that offer cheaper fees, such as CoinJar (1%) and CoinSpot (2%).

That said, the ability to deposit the cash payment through 1,300+ newsagents spread across the country might be the convenience that the Australians are looking for, along with Binance's shining reputation as a world-class exchange. 

The responses to the “promotion” announcement are mostly saying that the fee is still too higher even after the discount.

There might be a chance for a lower fee in the future, though, as the CEO, Changpeng Zhao can be seen retweeting the announcement saying, “Keep pushing fees lower.”

Regardless, kudos to Binance for its Binance Lite Australia!

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