CZ responds to claims of Binance possibly offering margin trading

21 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
CZ responds to claims of Binance possibly offering margin trading

Chepicap previously reported on the reddit user who noticed that the code in Binance's API allows for margin trading on the platform, though is currently disabled. This led to rampant speculation that Binance would soon activate the code and allow for margin trading. Now, CryptoSlate is reporting that Changpeng Zhao himself has responded, explaining that there are no current plans to implement the code.

In a statement that was not very subtle, regarding the discovery of the code, CZ had the following to say:

"We future proof our API framework as part of our system upgrades. No dates."

This pretty much sums up the idea that although they built the code with margin trading in mind, the exchange currently has no timeline for implementing such changes.

Some have debated if Binance even needs margin trading, as the exchange is already the most popular in the world without the need for such practices.

This new announcement from CZ seems to put a nail in the idea of margin trading for now, but clearly leaves the possibility open for the future. If the feature is implemented, you can be sure Chepicap will be here to report on it!

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