Ontology overtakes NEO and pumps 25%

21 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 21 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Price Action
Ontology overtakes NEO and pumps 25%

Ontology (ONT) is currently enjoying a 25% rise and has flipped over NEO to take 17th spot.

ONT is currently citing a price of $1.39, pumping from $1.10 in just 24 hours.


Despite a few giveaways and a Binance trading competition in which 200,000 Ontology Gas (ONG) is up for grabs, there’s not one single catalyst to explain this latest escape velocity.

However, ONT has continued to build despite the crypto economic downturn, Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, recently spoke to CNBC at the recent TOKEN2049 conference, in which Jun noted the numerous and ongoing developments within the Ontology camp:

In the interview, Jun speaks of Fosun, a major Chinese conglomerate and investment company, who has extended ties in businesses ranging from healthcare to real estate, and who famously backs Ontology. According to Jun, Fosun has finished their ONT-based Loyalty points system, integrating the new system into its 100 million strong user base.

Ontology has been on a partnership role of late, lending their blockchain solutions to a variety of video platforms.

Their latest conquest comes in the form of a film distribution platform known as Moviebloc:

MovieBloc will use Ontology infrastructure for their new platform and Ontology will support MovieBloc with capital, marketing, and operations as a core partner.

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