Jack Dorsey hiring Bitcoin devs: "If Bitcoin succeeds, Jack profits"

21 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 21 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Jack Dorsey hiring Bitcoin devs: If Bitcoin succeeds, Jack profits

Jack Dorsey, the ever-evolving Bitcoin bull and CEO of both Square and Twitter, has garnered attention from the crypto community relaying that Square would be hiring Bitcoin developers to contribute to the crypto ecosystem. So how did the community react?

Jack has been ever-present in the crypto community of late, becoming yet another victim of the Bitcoin bug. The Square CEO took to Twitter yesterday to once again make that presence known and pledge himself, and his payments company, Square, to the crypto cause.

This prompted a myraid of reactions from crypto Twitter, many of which were overwhelmingly positive:

One prominent crypto Twitter user, known as Whale Panda, suggested that this latest move from jack is exactly how open source development should work, with successful companies giving back to the underlying fabric their success was built upon:


However, not everyone was convinced of Dorsey's altruism and one user even suggested proceeding with caution:

However, Matt Odell, a Bitcoin researcher himself noted that decentralization was actually in Dorsey's interest:  

Instead of congrtualting Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance took the opportunity to shill his own company and its native token, announcing that his exchange was hiring as well.

These reactions are completely unsurprising and while many often doubt the intentions of high power individual and institutions entering the industry for their own gain; however, the same can’t truly be said about Dorsey. This is a man who has been overwhelmingly positive about the fundamentals of Bitcoin, heralding it as a new internet currency and truly holding the same passion and conviction to the cause as many other propagators of the tech.

The entry of Square and their contributions towards the space will only help nurture the industry further. This latest move from Dorsey stands as an example to other companies within the industry to give back to the community and the ecosystem that fostered their growth.  

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