Google searches for 'Buy Bitcoin' spike, even when prices crash

20 Mar, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Google searches for 'Buy Bitcoin' spike, even when prices crash

According to Google’s search trend tracking data, searches for 'Buy Bitcoin' tend to spike around major price movements, even when those movements represent a Bitcoin’s price crash.

According to LongHash, a platform for accelerating the development and understanding of blockchain technology, comparing Bitcoin’s price over the past 12 months with Google’s search trend tracking for 'Buy Bitcoin' reveals an interesting pattern.

The comparison reveals that searches for 'Buy Bitcoin' tend to spike around any major price movements, including those movements which represent crashes in Bitcoin’s price.

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In the chart above you can clearly see that BTC’s high points correspond with higher levels of 'Buy Bitcoin' searches, just as price crashes, correlates with 'Buy Bitcoin search spikes, as well.

Perhaps it is somewhat to be expected that cryptocurrency traders are interested in any major price movement.

Unfortunately, as Google’s public trend tracking data isn't all too detailed, there is no way to know precisely how many people were actually searching for 'buy Bitcoin'.

Maybe 2019 will show us even higher spikes when it comes to new 'Buy Bitcoin' searches. We all know crypto universe is in desperate need for some of those spikes - high or low.

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