Wikipedia co-founder recommends Brave browser: "Stop using Chrome"

19 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 19 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
Wikipedia co-founder recommends Brave browser: Stop using Chrome

The co-founder of Wikipedia recently posted on his blog about how to improve security and privacy when using the internet. According to the post entitled "How I'm locking down my cyber-life", Larry Sanger claimed that he was no longer using Chrome, and recommended the Brave browser instead.

The Brave browser was developed partly in order to resolve issues related to how content is funded online. Users can opt-in to seeing ads while they browse websites, and they will receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) in return for how many they view.

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According to Sanger, Chrome and the Google eco-system gather so much data on users that it is a violation of privacy, and he doesn't want to participate in a system that enables "cybercrime, collectivization, mob rule, and censorship". He also claimed that he doesn't trust Mozilla, the company behind Firefox.

Speaking about Brave browser, Sanger said that it is "quite good and a pleasure to use. There might be a few rare issues (maybe connected with JavaScript), but when I suspect there’s a problem with the browser, I try whatever I’m trying to do in Firefox, which is now my fallback. There’s absolutely no need to use Chrome for anything but testing, and that’s only if you’re in Web development. By the way, the Brave iOS app is really nice, too".

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