Ex-IBM technical engineer joins TRON team

28 May, 2018
by Richard Allen
Ex-IBM technical engineer joins TRON team

2018 has seen the blockchain field in China accelerate by leaps and bounds, thus it comes as no surprise that it has attracted many talented individuals.

Taihao Fu, a former technical engineer at IBM is the latest in a long line to join the crypto sphere as he makes the move to TRON. There are several technical giants joining the TRON team, ensuring that future projects will remain competitive.

Taihou Fu worked at IBM as a software engineer and was involved in many of their projects such as project Connection-Pink and Project TBON. This kind of involvement gave him invaluable experience.

When joining TRON, Fu stated: “I really like the atmosphere of TRON, for TRON gathers plenty of talents here and is doing something really amazing. Although personally faced with great challenges in some aspects, I am very honoured to participate in such a course. I believe TRON will do a good job. And I also hope to promote the development of the blockchain industry with the power of TRON.”

Taihou Fu’s transition coincides with TRON’s shift from the Exodus to the Odyssey period. For the past ten months of the first stage, TRON has focused on R&D of public chain super representative elections, and global community establishment.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, states: “Although the system of TRON becomes mature at the present stage, it is still necessary to move forward steadily. TRON’s constant introduction of talents is to enable the entire team to solve problems arising from the R&D process and keep innovating. We have great confidence in the upcoming mainnet launch and we believe that we will provide TRON supporters with a perfect answer. Please wait and see!”

For all the info check out the release on Medium.

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