Craig Wright has deleted his Twitter account

19 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 23 Apr, 2019
by David Robb
Craig Wright has deleted his Twitter account

It appears that Craig Wright has left Twitter, with his account no longer showing up on the social media platform. This happened in the wake of Wright threatening legal action against a number of fake accounts that copied his tweets with a bot.

The Australian businessman and software developer has claimed several times that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous figure who was behind the creation of Bitcoin (BTC). He is currently being sued for over $1 billion by the brother of deceased developer David Kleiman, who may also have been the BTC founder.

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Wright's claims to be Satoshi have been widely dismissed as untrue by the crypto community, and he has also been controversial due to his involvement in last year's unpopular hardfork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BCH SV (Satoshi's Vision). Nevertheless, he continued to publish defiant posts to his 60k followers via his Twitter account, criticizing the development of the Bitcoin network.

His reputation had led to a number of fake Twitter accounts being created, with very similar handles or profile pictures. Many of these were run by bots, perhaps for scam purposes, while one would repost his comments. Wright recently went on the warpath against these fraudulent accounts, claiming they were violating copyright. 

Wright went on to attack Twitter itself for allowing these accounts to exist. He has since disappeared from Twitter, with his account now suspended or deactivated completely. This hasn't been an entirely unwelcome development in the crypto community, and the user who was behind some of the accounts has been celebrating with his followers. However, we doubt this is the last we'll see from the man who is also known as 'Faketoshi' within the crypto community. 

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