Steemit reports DDoS attacks, proving decentralization is key

17 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 17 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Steemit reports DDoS attacks, proving decentralization is key

The blockchain powered, content-driven social network, Steemit, has apparently suffered several distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks…

According to a Tweet, the Steem team disclosed that the website had been compromised by a DDoS attack, relaying that while the blockchain was unaffected, the website was intermittently down.

The website went offline for approximately 25 minutes, on the 13th of March, with some intermitted downtime throughout the remainder of the day.  

In a further update, the team put a positive spin on the compromise, stating that the attack was a good example of decentralization, as it had no impact on the blockchain or any Steem App, and only impacted upon the traditionally centralized website.

“While unpleasant, this actually highlights the unique advantage of building applications on top of the Steem blockchain.”

Interestingly, and speaking of centralization, on the very same day as the Steemit DDoS attacks, Instagram and Facebook exhibited similar outages, with the latter citing the longest outage in 15 years.

According to Facebook, a server configuration change was to blame for the 14-hour downtime.

This prompted many within the social media circles of crypto to take to Twitter platforms and shout (type) “I told you so” at the top of their lungs (within the 140-character restriction)

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