Roger Ver bashes Lightning Network, Pomp replies with podcast invitation

16 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Roger Ver bashes Lightning Network, Pomp replies with podcast invitation

It is no secret that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is still on a testing phase, and that its full launch has been delayed on several occasions. However, Bitcoin Cash defendant Roger Ver has just decided to attack the tech for what he seems to consider a lack of deliverance.

Just a few minutes ago, Ver twitted the following message, making reference to the mounting delays in the launch of the Lightning Network.

The layer 2 payment protocol which will operate on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to enable faster and cheaper transaction between participating nodes, which has been labelled many times as a long-lasting solution for Bitcoin´s scalability issues, has apparently ended with Ver´s patience. However, it should be noted that since forking away from the main Bitcoin blockchain, Ver has never been shy about voicing his disagreements with the Bitcoin principles and community members.

Anthony Pompliano, also one of the most highlighted crypto personalities, this time on the side of BTC and the Lighning Network, has just responded to Ver´s tweet in a rather constructive manner. Besides being part of Morgan Creek Digital Assets division, Pompliano is also the mastermind behind the “Off the Chain” podcast, where he has already interviewed a wide arrange of people from the space.  Thus, “Pomp” invited Ver to talk  about his begginings in the space, perhaps referring to the times when he used to be one of the toughest Bitcoin fans out there:

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