Network capacity exceeds 1,000 BTC as lightning network adoption continues

16 Mar, 2019
Network capacity exceeds 1,000 BTC as lightning network adoption continues

The Lightning network continues to pick up speed and adoption as the network capacity finally exceeds 1,000 BTC

The lightning network continues to grow as Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano recently pointed out on Twitter.

The network is still in its infancy and following the successful 'passing of the lightning torch' to several crypto personalities, people have begun testing out the network.

Pompliano who is pro-bitcoin and has continues to push for bitcoin adoption with his motto 'Long Bitcoin, Short the Banks' tweeted "The Lightning Network hit a new all-time high of over 1,000 BTC in network capacity today. Don’t listen to the noise. Bitcoin is going to scale just fine"

Pompliano recently reached out to Kroger food chain regarding the recent news that they will be halting Visa card payments due to high fees. Pompliano set up the meeting to discuss the possibility of implementing the lightning network as a payment option.

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If Kroger can successfully implement the lightning network, it would be a huge step forward for cryptocurrency adoption.  

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