DENT has made its first international phone call, price spikes 8%

15 Mar, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Price Action
DENT has made its first international phone call, price spikes 8%

Dent Wireless, a global exchange for mobile data, which empowers smartphone users to sell, buy, and donate their excess mobile data just like any other commodity, took to Twitter to announce their very first international phone call.

Dent Platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is on a mission to liberate mobile data by making sure people don't have to sell their organs in order to pay for exuberant data roaming fees.

The company took to Twitter to announce to their 42.9K Twitter followers, that they have made their first-ever international phone call with their new beta app.

On top of this, the company that is set on tokenizing the mobile data industry, announced that their service will be released for calls in 50 countries during the next two weeks.

The price of the DENT coin had remained fairly stable over the past month, but has since spiked with a total increase of more than 8% in the past 24 hours.

According to DENT, the company aims to build a global marketplace where everyone gets an opportunity to purchase and sell units of unused mobile data.

They further claim that they already have 12 million users and the app has 151 operators in 45 countries.

In February DENT Wireless Limited and PLDT Hong Kong Limited announced that both companies had commercially launched their joint mobile data trading service.

With this service PLDT HK customers are able to trade unused mobile data with other PLDT Hong Kong customers using the marketplace in the DENT app.

Joel Lumanlan, General Manager of PLDT HK said that PLDT HK is constantly looking for innovative ways to serve the needs of overseas Filipinos.

'We are very excited that the mobile data trading service is now available for all our PLDT HK customers. To maximise the benefits of mobile data trading, our customers can use the tokens they earn to buy prepaid load for themselves or for their families and friends. Our customers can also buy and send Smart, Sun, and TNT top-ups to the Philippines and Free Bee credits for their own use via the Dent app.

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