Hackers report 43 bugs to 13 crypto companies, including EOS and Coinbase

15 Mar, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Hackers report 43 bugs to 13 crypto companies, including EOS and Coinbase

Thirtheen companies working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector have received 43 vulnerability reports from white hat hackers in the last month, Hard Fork reports following an investigation. So far it seems none of the bugs are dangerous.

According to the Hard Fork report, Unikrn, an esports gambling platform, topped the list with 12 bugs in the period between February 13 and March 13. Other companies that received vulnerability reports from the white hat hackers were Omise (6), the company behind OmiseGo, EOS (5) and Tendermint (4). Tezos and Augur received 3 reports, MyEtherWallet, ICON and Monero 2 and Brave, Electroneum, Crypto.com and Coinbase 1.

HardFork adds that some bugs might be unrelated to cryptocurrency and blockchain functionalities, such as the bug that was reported to Brave. The white hat hackers received $23,675 for the reported bugs, with Tendermint paying out $8500 and EOS $5000. Unikrn only distributed $1375, despite the fact 12 bugs were found and reported.

Last year, a Dutch white hat hacker received $120,000 from Block.one, the company behind EOS, for finding and reporting 12 bugs. 

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