McAfee tells off Calvin Ayre: "don't drag crypto down the dark alley"

14 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
McAfee tells off Calvin Ayre: don't drag crypto down the dark alley

With a very cold-headed approach, John McAfee has jumped into the public discussion regarding the private leisure activities of Calvin Ayre, online gambling tychoon and BSV fan. His taste for women, exceedingly skewed towards young ages, is now a matter of public debate  after he shared some pictures on social media.

For the sake of avoiding the diffusion of the concerning images, it shall suffice to say that Ayre pictured himself without a t-shirt together with five young women in their bikinis and swimsuits. On another tweet, Ayre showed the probably under-aged girls dancing, with the caption “Cuban national twerking team practicing at my pool party yesterday”. The most popular comment replying to his tweet, coming from Francis Pouliot pretty much says it all:

Judging from his tweets, it seems as if the 57-year-old BSV advocate does not care about the issues of exploitation and general unfairness with regards to the sexual tourism industry which is rife in Cuba, a country where the minimum monthly wage is below $20. The comments of the most representative accounts on crypto Twitter evidenced that there is an almost unanimous rebuttal of Ayre’s public display of misogyny:

However, 2020 presidential candidate McAfee does care about the bad image that Ayre is bringing upon the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Today, he referred to the polemic tweet and advised Calvin to give it a second thought before engaging with this kind of behavior in the future again:

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