Quadriga CX CEO´s widow: "I believe Gerald Cotten cared for his customers"

14 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Quadriga CX CEO´s widow: I believe Gerald Cotten cared for his customers

The movie-like case of the Canadian exchange Quadriga CX just went into another bumpy ride. The latest revelations came in the form of a statement from Jennifer Robertson, Gerald Cotten´s widow. Reddit is not agreeing with the core principles of a document which appears to include excuses toward Cotten's wrongdoings.

On a statement supposedly authored by her which was recently published by Coindesk, Robertson acknowledges being up to date with Cotten´s erratic management of the assets stored by the now-under-fire exchange: 

While I had no direct knowledge of how Gerry operated the business, he told me that he had been putting his own money back into QCX to fund user withdrawals in 2018 while the CIBC money remained frozen

To the surprise of many commenters on Reddit, the above sentence is followed by a what appears to be a defense of the allegedly defunct Cotten’s reputation and business practices:

I believe Gerry had the best interests of the business in mind, and cared for his customers



Other than the insights about how the couple used to run the exchange (as Robertson assures that she “utilized my own funds to keep it afloat”), the statement from the widow also reveals that Stewart McKelvey have ceased in representing the Canadian exchange due to an undisclosed conflict of interest, which appears to have arisen after the appointment of British multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young.

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