Does the Samsung S10 come pre-installed with a crypto wallet, or not?

13 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 13 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Does the Samsung S10 come pre-installed with a crypto wallet, or not?

One of the biggest potential catalysts of this year is still causing a fair bit of confusion among crypto aficionados, emanating from one essential question: does Samsung’s Galaxy S10 crypto wallet comes pre-installed or not?

Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 has caused a commotion of excitement and mass speculation in equal measure. Various leaked images and promotional content have led to the supposed revelation that the nascent device includes a native cryptocurrency wallet which currently supports a number of Ethereum (ETH) ERC-20 tokens and a range of decentralized apps (dApps).

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However, there is one slightly controversial point of contention: Whether or not the wallet comes pre-installed, or if it’s simply an exclusive app.

Now, while not immediately blatant, the differences between these two possibilities are vast.

Firstly, pre-installation assumes that the crypto wallet is more to Samsung’s than a simple PR stunt, showing that the company is aware of the ever-growing implications of cryptocurrency.

An in-built wallet also widens the scope for further adoption, with users discovering the utility of a crypto wallet, rather than going manually downloading, and installing it themselves.

An example of this is depicted by Apple’s wallet and Apple Pay apps, which come pre-installed on all iPhone. Their utility is obvious, allowing for integrated payment storage and enabling contactless payments. Its user base is massive, with over 252 million users, equating to 31% of iPhone users. However, if this wasn’t a pre- an existing feature of the iPhone, how many of those people would have simply overlooked Apple Pay?

The problem with the wallet being an exclusive app is that it assumes that it will be utilized only users with a predilection for crypto. How many time have you randomly surfed through an app store looking for something revolutionary?

Interestingly, accounts differ on whether or not the wallet actually comes pre-installed. Noe the phone has been officially released and users have their hands on it, people are relaying conflicting reports:

Ryan Sean Adams, founder of crypto investment company mythos capital tweeted out that the S10 did come with a built-in wallet:

This was subsequently corrected by  another user, who pointed out that the wallet requires installation; leading Adams to reply that reports state the Korean version of the S10 in fact includes wallet integration:

Adams notes that the Samsung Blockchain Keystore is built in by default, providing the screenshot of the s10’s setting section as proof:

Another user noted that some jurisdictions didn’t even allow the download of the crypto wallet:

Interestingly, a response from Samsung to disgruntled user's comments revealed a little more on this point:

The Samsung subsidiary then went on to admit that Australian customers were never promised the crypto wallet

Pre-installed or not?

So what’s going on? Are there different iterations of the S10? Some with the pre-installed with the wallet, and some requiring installation?  

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t been clear on this front, and haven’t yet responded to Chepicap’s request for comment.

Although, according to the reports of numerous users the answer appears to be no.

However, despite the lack of integration, this still marks a pretty momentous occasion in crypto adoption. Clearly, Samsung deems it integral enough to include Blockchain Keystore and crypt wallet capabilities as key features of the phone. Moreover, this also sets a precedent for Samsung’s competitors to up the ante on their crypto ventures.

Who knows, it might be Apple next…

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