Celer Network (CELR): All you need to know about the Binance Launchpad sale

13 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 13 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Celer Network (CELR): All you need to know about the Binance Launchpad sale

The third Binance Launchpad token sale is almost upon us. Binance announced this latest launch a little over a week ago, revealing the token to be, the Celer Network (CELR). So, here’s everything you need to know about Binance’s third Launchpad token sale.

CELR is the third ever token sale to occur on Binance’s incipient Launchpad platform, following the successful sales of BitTorrent, and Fetch.AI raising $7 million and $6 million respectively.

While BitTorrent (BTT) managed to raise eyebrows for its speedy fundraiser, completing funding in under 20 minutes, Fetch.AI (FET) managed to blow everyone away by reducing that time to seconds, selling out in just over 20 seconds.

Both BTT and FET managed to achieve a subsequent gain of 6-10 x their ICO price after the token sales ended.

CELR has set its mark slightly low than the previous two sales with a funding goal of $4 million, with approximately $30 million previously raised in private funding rounds.

The CELR token sale:

The sale takes place from the 19th March 2019 at 2 PM (UTC) until the 24th of March 2019, ending at 2 PM (UTC)


Total supply: 10 billion (6% available at token sale)


Current Circulating Supply = 1.9 billion (1,965,033,333)


CELR will only be available via BNB


1 CELR = $0.0065


1 BNB = 2355 CELR (at the current BNB price of $15.31)


Maximum investment per investor = $1500

What does CELR do?

The Celer Network aims to provide the holy grail of blockchain technology: a solution to the scaling issue. The Celer Network plans to develop a layer-2 solution for the blockchains on their network enabling secure off-chain transactions for both payment transactions, and generalized off-chain smart contract.

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao spoke of the project and its unique approach to the scaling problem:

“The lack of valuable solutions and good user experiences of blockchain-based technologies are caused by its limited scalability possibilities which have been a major hurdle towards unlocking its significant adoption potential to date.

Celer is currently at the forefront of solving this challenge with the early demonstrations of its sustainable crypto economics construct and layer-2 blockchain architect powering it.”

The token sale begins next Tuesday (19th March) at 2 PM (UTC)

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