Coin price jumps moves over to Komodo (KMD) as it climbs over 23%

13 Mar, 2019
Coin price jumps moves over to Komodo (KMD) as it climbs over 23%

This week has seen major gains on a lot of big projects. Binance has seen a shift between coins pumping over the last few days that has seen most projects climb for the first time in 2019.

Some projects have seen such radical jumps, that they have all but erased a majority of their downward momentum from the entire 2018 year. Most of the coin pumping appears to have taken place on Binance exchange. With Komodo being the latest to soar 23% over the last four hours. 

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Komodo has now reached a new 2019 high, and in terms of BTC pricing, the project has managed to reach a level it last saw in June 2018. 

Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo

While Komodo isn't the only coin to see massive jumps this week, the trend is starting to look rather familiar. Projects appear to be jumping in price, causing a further increase in price most likely due to buyers FOMO'ing into trades. 

Yesterday saw Zcoin climb over 104% on the day following news that the project would be implemented into Polis Pay. However it almost seems like a distant memory, but the coin pumps do seem very familiar to the 2017 days of the altcoin season when coins saw massive surges in price daily. 

The buying frenzy has done very little to increase the market cap, insinuating that investors are simply jumping in and out of trades with very little new money entering the market at this point. BTC dominance also remains steady at 51.3%, mostly unchanged over the last week. 

Could we just be seeing the beginning signs of alt season?

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