TRON surpasses EOS and ETH with over $43 million in daily transactions

12 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
TRON surpasses EOS and ETH with over $43 million in daily transactions

TRON CEO Justin Sun took to Twitter several days ago to announce that the number of daily transactions conducted by TRON is now more than EOS and Ethereum combined.

The total number of transactions taking place on the TRON blockchain now nears $44 million. By comparison, Ethereum has $4.4 million and EOS $11.6 million. TRON beat both of those by about $28 million.

Ethereum has been TRON’s main competitor for some time now. One of the milestones initially set by TRON was to make it into the top four cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap, with the hope of squeezing Ethereum out of second place.

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Co-founder of, Misha Lederman recently tweeted that the next scheduled BTT airdrop has been initiated and TRON holder should expect to see the tokens within the next couple of days.

At the time of writing TRON is up by less than 1%, trading at $0.022. BTT, on the other hand, has slipped by 2% in the last 24 hours.

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