Switcheo Exchange launches over-the-counter (OTC) following rave reviews

12 Mar, 2019
Switcheo Exchange launches over-the-counter (OTC) following rave reviews

Switcheo Exchange has announced that their over-the-counter trading desk has gone live, following the success of the public beta testing which started on March 4 2019. 

Switcheo Exchange have now gone live with their OTC platform following "enthusiastic feedback we have received from our beta testers". 

The new OTC platform went live today, after a week of public beta testing. Switcheo OTC platform is set to give users the safety and security they desire when performing OTC trades, with Yik Jiun Lee, a Developer at Switcheo, stating "Right now, there are numerous social chatrooms soliciting OTC trades. These OTC trades are usually risky, requiring traders to trust escrows or the counterparty — even though they may be complete strangers. These risks are mitigated with our newly launched Switcheo OTC platform. Users now have a safe platform to make their OTC trades."

Switcheo Exchange is a decentralized exchange running on the Ethereum and NEO blockchains, giving users full control of their funds by simply connecting their wallets to the exchange in order to trade. 

Ivan Poon, CEO at Switcheo commented on the reviews from users, saying "We are very heartened by the positive sentiments received. Switcheo’s features will always be designed with users first in mind. We know that traders look for fast transactions and easy-to-use platforms, and most importantly, need to feel that their assets are safe. So far, Switcheo Exchange has delivered on that, and our new OTC platform will be no exception. We will continue to provide an exceptional trading experience for all traders in an uncompromisingly secure and trustless manner."

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