HitBTC to become candidate for EOS block producer

11 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 11 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
HitBTC to become candidate for EOS block producer

The HitBTC exchange has announced that it will be joining the EOS eco-system. The company behind the trading platform will become an official candidate for an EOS block producer (BP).

Founded back in 2013 and currently ranked 14th by trading volume (adjusted), HitBTC has faced some controversies recently. Rumours of potential insolvency have been circulating, and the exchange has also been accused of unjustifiably freezing accounts and delisting crypto projects. 

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HitBTC's reputation hasn't been damaged too much by these stories, and it has now announced that it is joining the EOS eco-system due to their shared values of a "can-do attitude and focus on community". The statement also claims that HitBTC's "global-reaching user base can help imparting the ideas of EOS around the world. We also count with the advantage of having spent years monitoring the market and having learned through experience how to provide quality service and meet user needs."

There are 21 EOS nodes that operate as producers of new blocks, in order to process transactions on the network. HitBTC will be joining the list of nominees for these top 21 positions, which are updated regularly as more tokens are staked.

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