Samsung reveals dApps for the s10 wallet; Bitcoin not yet supported

11 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 11 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Samsung reveals dApps for the s10 wallet; Bitcoin not yet supported

Samsungs flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 was released for pre-order on the 8th of March, however, some lucky users managed to get their hands on a unit early, unlocking a wealth of knowledge relating to just how deep crypto integration runs; including the numerous dApps available as well as one quizzical omission… a lack of Bitcoin support.

According to reports from CoinDesk Korea, the Samsung only blockchain wallet is only compatible with Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens so far, with apparently no sign of Bitcoin support.

This is despite previously leaked images of BTC inside the Samsung wallet, as well as official presentation material depicting a Bitcoin logo; suggesting that this is something still very much on the agenda.

Several supported dApps have also been revealed, with the hugely popular Cryptokitties citing a coveted place on the S10 along with Enjin’s crypto gaming platform, Cosmee’s beauty content platform, and payments service CoinDuck -  a cryptocurrency payment service provider, enabling offline payments of Ether.

Interestingly it was recently revealed that rather than coming pre-installed, the wallet is available for download on the Galaxy app store, exclusively for the S10. Furthermore, it was revealed by Samsung itself that the app was currently only available to users within the US, Canada, and Korea:

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