Over 3000 XRP prize offered to devs for WooCommerce plugin

10 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 10 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
Over 3000 XRP prize offered to devs for WooCommerce plugin

A Ripple-backed startup is offering a major reward for XRP developers. Anyone who is able to build a plugin that successfully integrates XRP and WooCommerce will receive at least 3000 XRP from XRPL Labs.

XRPL Labs recently received funding from Ripple itself, for two to three years, in order to develop a decentralized exchange, a mobile wallet and a cold crypto storage operating system, amongst other things. 

It launched this bounty program with a 1000 XRP reward, and contributions from the community have boosted this total further, to be worth just under $1000 according to current prices at time of writing. 

Integrating XRP with WooCommerce would be a significant development for crypto adoption. It would make XRP available as a payment option on WooCommerce, a payment platform used by around 3.3 million different websites. 

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