More than 15,000 tips have been sent via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

10 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 10 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
More than 15,000 tips have been sent via the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a project built to popularise tipping on social media via the Bitcoin lightning network has pulled in some impressive stats in the 3 months since it went live, citing more than 15,000 tips sent so far.

Back in February, Chepicap reported upon the influx of users received following the endorsement of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

Notable names such as Anthony Pompliano, David Sacks and a myriad of crypto influencers jumped on board, prompting their many followers to do the same.

In the weeks since that time, has blown up, simultaneously spreading the good work fo the lightning network and popularizing topping on social media.

According to Twitter user, Kevin Rooke, this is reflected in the stats, with citing 15,000 signups, 14,000 signups, and  4,000 browser extensions installed:

The lightning network itself has seen an upswing in usage within the past month with the number of nodes up 20%, the number of channels up 40%, and its capacity citing an 18% increase.

This is thanks no end to project initiatives such as as well as social initiatives such as passing the lightning torch - the social media phenomena in which Twitter users pass around ever accumulating amounts of BTC - has been passed through over 230 accounts, including Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter, CZ CEO of Binance. Now, the torch has even transcended borders and conflict by passing between Iran and Israel.

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