Bitcoin Cash will now be accepted at some exclusive Tokyo nightclubs

10 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
Bitcoin Cash will now be accepted at some exclusive Tokyo nightclubs

BTCNN is reporting that a small group of top rated nightclubs in Tokyo, Japan have agreed to begin accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment for both beverages and food. Already Japan is the third most popular region for BCH acceptance.

This turn of events comes about because of a deal made between BCH enthusiast Akane Yokoo and the owner of some of Tokyo's hottest clubs. Thanks to this agreement, clubs such as V2, Ele, Villa, and Mezzo will be accepting the digital currency beginning in April.

According to Yokoo part of the reason for the agreement is that Mezzo regularly hosts BCH meetups and is generally sympathetic to the community. It should also be noted that the clubs will be using wallets and hence not transferring the money immediately into fiat.

This is definitely a great turn of events for the Bitcoin Cash community. If these hot clubs inspire more people to use the crypto, it just may fulfill its dream of being the cash of tomorrow.

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