Instant crypto payment platform, Zeux brings Bitcoin SV on board

09 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 09 Mar, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Instant crypto payment platform, Zeux brings Bitcoin SV on board

London-based crypto payment platform adds Bitcoin SV to their platform, claiming it as a big step towards achieving their goal.

Crypto payment, Zeux just announced a new addition to their platform, the Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Boasting as an in-built investment platform with a foreign exchange functionality, Zeux is said to become a very important layer for BSV as it enables BSV to be used to pay people in daily lives.

“It is key to show the tangible utility of BSV,” Calvin Ayre said, as quoted by Coinrivet.

Ayre went on by bragging about BSV, “It is becoming increasingly clear from proof rather than talk that BSV is the only scalable coin out there.”

Zeux’s founder, Frank Zhou also expressed his excitement about his company’s move, claiming it as “a big step forward to Zeux becoming the world’s first crypto mobile payment and investment app.”

“I believe that, together, we can provide our customers with more personal financial freedom by combing the fiat and crypto worlds,” he added.

The addition was also commended by Bitcoin Association president, Jimmy Nguyen, who said, “Bitcoin is supposed to be genuine digital money, and Zeux’s forward-thinking platform makes this an immediate reality.

He added further by saying, “BSV has shown recently with a 100MB mined block that it can properly scale, and now it is showing utility as well. Scalability and use are the most important factors in demonstrating how Bitcoin, by which I mean BSV, can become a global, low-transaction fee digital currency.”

Months after full-of-drama hardfork, there’s hardly been any significant updates from Craig Wright’s coin, except the team’s finding of 3 serious vulnerabilities on their blockchain, which they claimed to be inherited from Bitcoin.

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Their leader, however, is still very active his controversial comments that often put him in arguments with many people on social media.

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