Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey praised for buying Trezor hardware wallet

08 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 08 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey praised for buying Trezor hardware wallet

Twitter CEO and crypto advocate Jack Dorsey recently took to Twitter to announce he has bought what seems to be his first Trezore hardware wallet.

Jack Dorsey is a well-known Bitcoin fan. Several days prior to his tweet he revealed during Marty Bent’s podcast Tales from the Crypt that he buys $10,000 worth of Bitcoin every week.

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Dorsey revealed he bought the device for 0,066 BTC using the CashApp developed by his other company, Square. When asked why he chose a Trezor over other well-known hardware wallets like Ledger, Dorsey revealed that it all came down to Trezor being open source.

Ledger jumped in to defend itself, stating that open source “isn’t a silver bullet” to the complexity of hardware wallet security:

Community members were praising Dorsey’s decision, highlighting how his action has brought considerable publicity to Bitcoin.

As Chepicap reported, Jack Dorsey was recently passed Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch before promptly handing it off to CEP and co-founder of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark. Shortly after Dorsey passed along the torch, it was revealed that Lightning micropayments would be coming to Square.

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