Enjin partnership with Samsung confirmed? Wallet may not come preinstalled

08 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 08 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
Enjin partnership with Samsung confirmed? Wallet may not come preinstalled

Following the rumors that Enjin Coin (ENJ) had partnered with Samsung to help in the development of the upcoming S10’s blockchain wallet, the project has seen a month of incredible growth. Now, according to Korean news outlet FNNews, these rumors might be confirmed.

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According to the publication, the rumors were confirmed by Enjin today (March 8) that there is a partnership with Samsung Electronics. This would see ENJ being used in Samsung’s Blockchain Key Store – the S10’s blockchain wallet with its services being further utilized throughout the Galaxy App Store. Furthermore, CoinDesk reached out to the project and they received confirmation of a partnership as well, though Enjin declined to comment any further. So it’s likely that there is a partnership, though the details remain scarce.

With that being said, YouTuber Boxmining managed to get his hands on the S10 yesterday. He confirmed during a live stream that he, in fact, doesn’t have access to the S10’s Blockchain Key Store but stated that he’s seen evidence of people in Korea who do have access. This is further corroborated by Samsung Australia, who confirmed on Twitter that the cryptocurrency wallet is only available to users within the US, Canada and Korea.

Additionally, according to a Reddit post, Enjin Wallet doesn’t come pre-installed on the phone. Instead, it’s available to download on the Galaxy App Store – a store specifically for Samsung Galaxy apps, not the general Android app store.

I asked a new S10 owner about the Enjin Wallet on the device from r/EnjinCoin

Until there is confirmation from Samsung, information surrounding Enjin’s involvement remains highly speculative. However, with today being the official launch day of the S10, there should be more information available soon.

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This hasn’t detracted from Enjin’s meteoric rise, however. At the time of writing the coin is almost 75% in the green trading at $0.178.

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