Justin Sun talks about benefits of USDT-TRON stable coin in latest video

08 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Justin Sun talks about benefits of USDT-TRON stable coin in latest video

Tron Founder Justin Sun has released a new video describing the new tether partnership which will see Tron feature its very own stable coin. 

In a recent video posted on twitter, Tron founder Justin Sun explains the partnership with tether stating "USDT-TRON is a stable coin tied to US dollars", Sun continues to explain that TRON is partnering with the largest stable coin in the industry.

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Sun also explains that the TRON blockchain solution is faster, "we offer instant payment solution, rather than up to three hours Omni blockchain solution"

The Tron founder also explains that the TRON blockchain is free, whereas Omni transactions can cost $1 to $10. Sun goes on to explain that TRON blockchain is also smarter, "TRC20 token is based on the smart contracts, so you can do lots of the deployment work on top of the USDT, which Omni blockchain cannot offer"

Sun continues to explain some of the benefits to the community citing liquidity through the TRON decentralized exchange, a new way of value storage for TRX holders, as well as offering users a new way to play dApps, "which also minimize the risk of the cryptocurrency" Sun says.

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Lastly, Sun says that the partnership will give TRON blockchain new legitimacy and the increase in confidence of the institutional investor. "In a nutshell, this is great for both Tether and the TRON community and will give us more chance in the decentralized finance world"

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