CZ on ENJIN: "Solid tech wins" as project sees 600% growth in past month

08 Mar, 2019
CZ on ENJIN: Solid tech wins as project sees 600% growth in past month

ENJIN has been flying under the radar for several years, but it appears it has finally caught the attention of the masses following a month of massive price action.

While several coins have been performing extremely well over 2019, ENJIN has slowly been picking up steam, so much so that in the last 24 hour, the project climbed over 85% in price.

ENJIN coin has seen some pretty exciting price jumps this year, pushing the project well into the top 100, and now currently ranked #43 according to Coin Market Cap.

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Last month, ENJIN was ranked #125 with a price of $0.03 and a market cap of $23 million, there was $830,000 worth of trading volume then.

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Fast forward one month, and ENJIN has seen some phenomenal growth, most likely due to the Samsung partnership which will see the new Samsung S10 Smartphone feature a cryptocurrency wallet run on the ENJIN platform. The news which was released last week seems to have spawned new interest in the project, which has since seen huge gains.

One month later, and ENJIN is currently sitting in the top 50, with a price of $0.175 and a market cap of $134 million, trading volume now stands at a whopping $107m, totalling a 1280% increase in trading volume.

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ENJIN was the largest percentage-gain project on Binance and was also the top BTC traded pair on the world's top cryptocurrency exchange.

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