Crypto ATM stolen, but no Bitcoins taken

07 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 07 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Crypto ATM stolen, but no Bitcoins taken

Crypto Reddit appears to have chosen a new favorite topic for the day. The theft and later recovery of a Bitcoin ATM has triggered several hundred comments.

Although Reddit’s usual detective work has not unearthed any possible locations for the event, the device belongs to the company Bitking Bitcoin ATM, a “leading Bitcoin ATM operator in the Midsouth”, based on Memphis, Tenesse, according to their Twitter bio.

Judging from the picture illustrating this article, someone tried to get hold of the bank notes stored inside the ATM. The possibility that thieves might actually be trying to get hold of the Bitcoins “stored” in the ATM has triggered quite some banter on Reddit.




Thankfully, the company has indicated that they had just cashed out the ATM the night before, which anyways indicates that the thieves were probably able to get away with some sort of profit.


Crypto ATM's are becomming a common sighting in many countries. Some redditor even recognized having first joined the crypto scene using one of such devices:


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