Litecoin trading at over $55 as it builds on its earlier gains

06 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 06 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
Price Action
Litecoin trading at over $55 as it builds on its earlier gains

Building upon yesterday’s impressive gains that saw Litecoin and EOS leading the charge adding $5 billion to the market, LTC has since seen a second wind, further adding to its growth.

Litecoin ended off yesterday with almost 13% in the green trading at $52.50. In the last few hours, however, Litecoin has seen that number grow to 17% bringing the value of its tokens to $55.51. EOS, which was also showing impressive gains, has managed to hold on the growth, remaining steady with just over 11% in the green. With LTC showing such improvement in a short space of time it’s becoming increasingly likely we’ll see LTC snag the #4 spot out from EOS.

Binance Coin’s impressive bull run seen earlier has since slowed, however. Reporting almost 17% growth not too long ago, BNB is now up 1.18% trading at $13.39. As a result of the continued growth, global market capitalization for the cryptocurrency market has risen from around $130 billion reported earlier to $132 billion.

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