Bitcoin: a global currency? This Lightning developer thinks so...

06 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 06 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Bitcoin: a global currency? This Lightning developer thinks so...

For Lightning Network developer Jack Mallers, Bitcoin (BTC) is much more than a niche digital currency, in his mind, it has the potential to change commerce globally, and create a more interconnected world.

In a Tweetstorm, Mallers tells of his recent experience in China, sharing ideas pertaining to BTC, the lightning network and his incipient Lightning app, Zap; an affair that prompted him to perceive BTC as something much bigger than its current form.

Mallers explains that BTC is the worlds first global language, bringing different cultures together under one common enterprise.

The developer continues, calling BTC a global phenomenon that isn't constricted by the bureaucratic drudgery of typical business, but rather flourishes under its fundamentals which call for a break away from this bureaucracy:

Mallers stresses this interconnectedness, speaking of BTC as a network of teammates and allies building towards something genuinely beneficial to the world:

Lightning adoption is taking off

The recent upswing in support of the lightning network is perpetuated by these “friends and allies” (especially the more notable among them.)

In a prime example of this interconnectedness, the lightning torch - a social media phenomena  in which Twitter users pass around ever accumulating amounts of BTC - has been passed through over 230 accounts, including Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter, CZ CEO of Binance. Now, the torch has even transcended borders and conflict by passing between Iran and Israel:

Ushering positive reactions from nearly everyone on social media:

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