Developers manage to send Bitcoin Lightning payment over radio waves

06 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Developers manage to send Bitcoin Lightning payment over radio waves

Two developers have transacted a bitcoin lightning payment by making use of radio waves. The test transaction was sent from California to Toronto through amateur radio.  

It all started on Twitter, when twitter user @NVK, who is Rodolfo Novak, the founder of several Bitcoin companies,decided to test the lightning network through the use of amateur radio.

Novak decided to give it a go tweeting "Who wants to attempt a #LightningNetwork over #amateurradio on JS8? Will be 18 messages long! 40m band looks open."

The test was accepted by Bloomberg columnist Elaine Ou and the radio wave test transaction was sent and received. Sending a test transaction from San Francisco, California to Toronto, Canada.

Novak tweeted the results, proving the transaction was successful.

Novak described the transaction as "the actual Lightning Network, radio waves travel at the speed of light in air 300,000 km/s, via coper would be 5% slower."

While the test was simply a fun experiment, it could potentially open the door to future possibilities as a method of sending bitcoin to people across the globe through radio waves.

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