Poloniex announces reduction of fees and streamlining of trading

05 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 06 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
Poloniex announces reduction of fees and streamlining of trading

Today it was announced on the Circle Blog that Poloniex is reducing trading fees for "99%" of customers as well as streamlining the trading system. This means that Poloniex will now have, apparently, the lowest trading fees of any US exchange.

The new changes go into effect tomorrow, March 6th, and aim to see the vast majority of customers paying considerably less on most trades, sometimes as little as 0% on maker trades.

In Poloniex's own words:

"These steps are part of our commitment to continuously improve customer experience and come on the heels of technical upgrades, asset listings, and new features that make Poloniex easy to use."

Some on Twitter were quite excited at this news:

Others were not interested and wanted more from the exchange:

Still others felt this was just a lie for most customers:

Whether you use Poloniex or not, this sounds like a positive step forward with the traders who do. Stick here with Chepicap for all your late breaking exchange news!

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