Binance Coin jumps over 17% overtaking Stellar with Tether in sights

05 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 05 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Price Action
Binance Coin jumps over 17% overtaking Stellar with Tether in sights

Binance Coin (BNB) appears to have forgotten what a bear market is. BNB has once again leapfrogged Stellar (XLM) and is looking set to challenge Tether (USDT) for 7th spot.

Binance Coin saw the biggest jump within the top 100, climbing more than 17% to overtake Stellar once again. 

Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo

BNB climbed over $13 following the live AMA with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. The 'ask me anything' livestream covered topics including delistings, Binance Launchpad, Binance DEX, and more. 

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Binance Coin has now nearly doubled its previous BTC all-time high of 0.00177 to reach 0.00347 satoshis. Apparently Binance Coin has no idea what a bear market is as it continues to climb. The coin has now seen a 219% price increase since the beginning of the year when it was valued at $6.0

With the recent surge in price and a rising market cap of 1.87 billion, BNB looks set to eventually challenge seventh spot Tether (USDT) who currently has a market cap of $2 billion. 

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definitely binance coin is very likely to grow even further and maybe even overcome tether in market cap. however lets see
05 Mar, 2019 - 12:02
I don't really think that there is a chance to overtake tether but Binance can try
19 Mar, 2019 - 00:08
BNB won't be high for too long, soon Stellar and Tether will climb higher back.
05 Mar, 2019 - 22:30
the rapid growth of the BNB is actually undeniable. one of the most powerful crypto asset at the future market
07 Mar, 2019 - 10:01
Binance is certainly a good coin but it’s still far from the power of tether
07 Mar, 2019 - 22:20
tether has its own audience that trusts its and these people will never exchange it for another coin.
08 Mar, 2019 - 09:00
lets see if BNB coin will be able to compete with tether. i think that tether has a little bit more chances due to the fact that they have been longer at the market and traders really trust this token
08 Mar, 2019 - 16:14

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