Lightning torch passes from Iran... to Israel!

04 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Lightning torch passes from Iran... to Israel!

The Bitcoin Lightning Network trust chain, a series of payments created by @hodlonaut that is growing via Twitter in a similar way to the Olympic torch relay, keeps on transcending borders and conflicts for the sake of cryptocurrency.

Today, the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv received the LN trust chain from Sam Abbassi, an Iranian living abroad who had previously received it from Ziya Sadr, another Iranian national who recently gained attention when he showed the position on a map of his Bitcoin node.

Sadr, Coinex executive, had recently been offering himself to carry the torch from Iran, thus adding an extra country to the list. However, concerns about sending payments over there from the U.S. had previously prevented the step from happening.

Reactions have been 100% positive in so far to the latest itinerary of the LN trust chain, with many celebrating the way in which Bitcoin has just linked the peoples of two countries whose governments tend to act like sworn enemies.

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