Facebook Coin vs. JPM Coin: which does the community prefer?

04 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
Facebook Coin vs. JPM Coin: which does the community prefer?

Recent weeks have seen news about two huge companies getting involved with cryptocurrency in one way or another. In response to this, one Twitter user asked followers which they preferred: JP Morgan's JPM Coin, or Facebook Coin?

Although many have denied that it is a cryptocurrency at all, JPM Coin represents an entry into the digital asset space from a leading financial institution that has long been sceptical of the crypto market. Its launch hasn't been met with much enthusiasm, with JP Morgan seen by many in the community as a natural enemy.

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Facebook also recently hinted that it could be exploring the launch of a digital token. Despite its humble beginnings, the level of influence that Zuckerberg's social media giant now possesses has given it a poor reputation amongst crypto enthusiasts, particularly after its implication in various privacy violations and political schemes.

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So while neither Zuckbucks nor JPM Coin are particularly popular, it was worth asking which token crypto followers would invest in. Facecoin was the only one that seemed to have any support at all, with the answer "neither" being by far the most common. One observer also pointed out that moral opposition to these two crypto projects could be extended to Ripple's XRP, with the predictable comeback from a member of the XRP Army.

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