BSV finds three vulnerabilities believed to have been inherited from BTC

03 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 03 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
BSV finds three vulnerabilities believed to have been inherited from BTC

On 1 March, the Bitcoin SV team noticed three rather serious vulnerabilities in BSV believed to have been inherited from Bitcoin core and Bitcoin Cash, BTCmanager reports.

The Bitcoin SV Node Implementation Team discovered the three medium severity vulnerabilities during their cooperation with Trail of Bits and announced the. The team began addressing the issues and the vulnerabilities have since been rectified.

If left unchecked, the vulnerabilities would allow for the entire system to be overloaded with traffic by jamming the network and node processors with useless packets. The damage, however, wouldn’t affect businesses or users and wouldn't result in the loss of any funds or transactions.

In a January podcast, Steve Shadders explained that every piece of code on passes through an error checking process to ensure that the network remains free from bugs. In this case, however, the vulnerabilities were detected during a full security audit.

Daniel Connolly, Bitcoin SV Node Lead Developer explained that the security audits were organized and the results are shared.

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