Max Keiser: 'JPM Coin is a hot steaming pile of dog crap’

02 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 02 Mar, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Max Keiser: 'JPM Coin is a hot steaming pile of dog crap’

Max Keiser, Bitcoin defendant, Wall Street veteran and host of the Keiser Report, calles the JPM Coin 'A hot steaming pile of crap'.

Max Keiser, one of the most-well-known Bitcoin pioneers in the cryptocurrency universe, shared his thoughts on the JPM Coin, and Warren Buffet’s anti-Bitcoin comments in an interview with the Bitcoinist.

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When Keiser is asked if he is surprised by the fact that JPMorgan revealed its JPM Coin after bashing Bitcoin for years, he responded that JP Morgan is years behind and may never catch up in the cryptocurrency space.

'It’s laughable Jamie Dimon has been very vocal criticizing Bitcoin as a way to try and stop it and that didn’t work. Honey Badger don’t care. Now he’s trying to compete with his insecure, centralized, hot steaming pile of dog crap called JPM Coin. LOL.'

Chepicap reported that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon recently gave a talk at the bank's annual investor day, where he suggested that JPM Coin could one day be used for retail purposes.

Dimon, who has been a vocal opponent of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in the past, seems to be changing his tune on Bitcoin.

However, Dimon isn't fooling anyone, especially not Keiser who has been calling out the JPM Coin as a fake cryptocurrency by JP Morgan.

Keiser isn't the only one who is 'not feeling' the JPM coin. The latest launch by the legacy bank has been dubbed by many, including Forbes magazine, as a non-crypto product due to the fact that it only operates privately, for transfers between the lender and its clients, and its blockchain network requires permissions to be approved by JP Morgan themselves.

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Keiser went on to share his thoughts on the billionaire investor, Warren Buffet.

Keiser points out that Buffett’s snappy Bitcoin comments are tied directly to the Ponzi-economics of fractional reserve, illicit money printing by banks and central banks, market rigging and accounting fraud, all made easy, thanks to the absence of Hard Money in our economy.

'Of course, Buffett hates Bitcoin and Gold for the same reason thieves hate locks and bacteria hate antibiotics. Buffett is a scammer who prints money via the banks he’s involved with to buy monopoly positions in large American companies that he then rips apart with mass-layoffs and stock buybacks.'

'He’s the Charles Manson of Wall Street.' Keiser said.

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