Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sets up his own Lightning Network node

02 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 02 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sets up his own Lightning Network node

Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square co-founder and CEO, has just taken one more step into his participation in the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the layer-2 payment protocol operating on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Dorsey has just acquired a Lightning Network node, which will allow him to create payment channels between several parties.

The specific node that @jack acquired is being sold by Casa for $300, also payable in BTC. The pack also includes a gold membership, that boasts built-in security with a 2-of-3 basic multi-sig and a mobile key. 

Jack also shared a couple of screenshots of the synchronization process of his node:

As usual, crypto Twitter has been fast to reply on the latest step taken by Dorsey on his participation of the Bitcoin space.

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