Bitcoin investor crashes $390K Lamborghini into a ditch

02 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 02 Mar, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Bitcoin investor crashes $390K Lamborghini into a ditch

A Bitcoin investor in the United Kingdom has crashed his Lamborghini on Friday. The Lambo belongs to Michael Husdon, owner of cryptocurrency market advisory and investment firm Bitstocks.

The purple sports car was found in a ditch in the London area on Friday morning around 7AM by someone who was on his way to work. "It happened on a dangerous part of the road. It’s a road where people put their foot down", Andrew Laurence, the man who spotted the Lambo, says in an interview with The Mirror.

"We don’t see many purple Lamborghini’s around here but there are a lot of footballers because it’s close to Spurs’ (Tottenham Hotspur) training ground.The car was facing the wrong way and was on the wrong side of the road in the ditch. It must have spun off the road during the night. I got out to check that no one was still in it. I have no idea how the driver got out – it was sideways in the ditch."

The police states that the first reports of the Lamborghini came in around 1.30AM in the morning.

Later, a video appeared on the YouTube channel Yiannimize, who was with Hudson at the place where the $390K Lamborghini got off the road. He states that 'family man' Hudson wasn't drinking and wasn't driving at high speeds. Watch the explanation of Hudson on the crash and the recovery of the SE 20 Viola Lamborghini Huracán Performante here.

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