It's been revealed that QuadrigaCX cold storage wallets are basically empty

01 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
It's been revealed that QuadrigaCX cold storage wallets are basically empty

It has just been reported by Bloomberg that Ernst & Young have released their report on the cold storage wallets found that belonged to the now deceased CEO of the QuadrigaCX exchange, Gerald Cotten. Apparently, with the exception of some BTC recently sent to one wallet erroneously, the wallets were all empty.

Since February 5th Ernst & Young (EY) have been sorting through the dealings of Quadriga in an attempt to figure out where the lost Bitcoin was actually stored. It seems they have identified 6 cold storage wallets used by the company, however 5 of them have not held any Bitcoin since April of 2018, and the sixth since December of the same year.

For four years prior to that, the accounts had seen Bitcoin be regularly deposited between them, Quadriga and other exchanges. An additional 14 accounts with other exchanges are being investigated as related to these wallets, which could be related to the recent claims that some of the missing Ethereum had also been found in exchange accounts.

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EY is currently reaching out to the exchanges which Quadriga had accounts with, but so far have not revealed any progress nor the exchanges involved, though they did mention only 4 have responded.

This is just another twist in the ongoing saga of QuadrigaCX. Stick with Chepicap for any updates on the situation!

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