Poloniex closes trading due to "required unplanned maintenance"

01 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 01 Mar, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Poloniex closes trading due to required unplanned maintenance

Crypto exchanges closing are never good news, but when it is for maintenance issues, most users do not really complain that much as they understand it is for their own good. However, unplanned or unannounced shutdowns are rarely appreciated. Poloniex is currently experiencing one of such situations.

According to a tweet posted only a few minutes ago by the U.S. headquartered exchange, an unplanned maintenance issue has forced them to place the exchange in maintenance mode and to close trading.

Some users are already evocating the Cryptopia hack, which started with a similar warning for an unplanned maintenance.

Chepicap has already gotten in touch with Poloniex, and this article will be updated in case they reply to the request for comment, or if more information is publicly shared.

UPDATE: Poloniex has announced via Twitter that trading has first been enabled in post mode only, and later matching was resumed. The total downtime was of 21 minutes, taking as a proxy metric the time difference between the first and the last tweet.

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