Whale Watching: Ripple destroys competition with combined $375M whale moves

01 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 01 Mar, 2019
Whale Watching: Ripple destroys competition with combined $375M whale moves

This week sees the whale king of 2019 regain top spot following a laggard few weeks. Ripple destroys the competiton this week with a massive $315 million XRP transaction totalling 1 billion XRP. 

Plenty of whale action was seen this week following two of the most positive weeks for crypto, in terms of price action. Bitcoin closed out in the green for February and several coins saw medium sized rallies in terms of pricing.

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Whale activity definitely picked up considerably this week, with Ripple taking charge.

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Ripple takes home 3 of the top 5 spots this week with a combined whale move of $375 million. Bitcoin features once, which is no surprise with Ethereum rounding out the top 5 with a second place $99m transaction which was sent to Binance. Ripple appear to be doing a lot of over-the-counter trading with XRP. Is this a sign that institutions are buying XRP? The 1 billion XRP transaction was unlocked by escrow just before the tokens were transferred, most likely proving that this was an OTC order.

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This week saw a total of $538.1 million in whale moves for a combined fee of $36.55, the majority of the fees coming from the BTC transaction. 

5.  90,000,000 #XRP (28,527,691 USD) transferred from #UpBit to #Bittrex - 27 Feb

    Tx Cost: $0.0000144

4. 100,000,000 #XRP (31,878,615 USD) transferred from Ripple Escrow wallet to Ripple OTC Distribution wallet - 26 Feb

   Tx Cost: $0.00016

3.  15,947 #BTC (63,561,134 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to Unknown wallet - 23 Feb

    Tx Cost: $36.51

2. 707,112 #ETH (99,383,302 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Binance 24 Feb

   Tx Cost: $0.04

1.  1,000,000,000 #XRP (315,144,716 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet - 1 March

   Tx Cost: $0.096

Special Mention also has to be given to XRP, who saw 50 transactions of $3.18m XRP sent from Bittrex to Upbit, all on the same day. The combined value of all 50 transactions would of made it the second biggest whale move of the week with a combined value of $159.5 million.

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