Coinbase's listing of XRP was their "independent decision" says Ripple exec

28 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 28 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
Coinbase's listing of XRP was their independent decision says Ripple exec

Ripple has come out in response to the recent allegations that Coinbase accepted payment from Ripple to list XRP.

On February 25 news broke that XRP had finally been listed on Coinbase Pro and the XRP Army was understandably ecstatic as the coin’s price surged by 10%. However, sometime later, rumors began circulating that Coinbase violated its own listing policies in order to include XRP.

Bitcoin investor Alistair Milne shared a conversation between himself and the Director of Communications at Coinbase, Elliot Suthers. Miln asked if Coinbase was compensated for the listing. Elliot responded by saying he wouldn’t discuss this publically, which only added fuel to the fire in the eyes of the crypto community.

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Now, in response to the allegations, Ripple’s Miguel Vias took to Twitter in an attempt to provide some clarity on the matter. He states that the company never paid the Coinbase management in exchange for listing XRP, and the decision was made entirely by the exchange.

Additionally, Coinbase is in hot water regarding their recent acquisition of Italian blockchain intelligence firm Neutrino. Coinbase bought the firm to increase security by preventing hacks, investigating ransomware attacks and identifying bad actors. The community has reacted negatively to the news, calling for Coinbase customers to cancel their accounts after it became known that many of Neutrino’s team members were former leaders of Hacking Team, known to have sold surveillance equipment to oppressive regimes.

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