CZ brags about BNB and compares it to a stable coin in latest tweet

27 Feb, 2019
CZ brags about BNB and compares it to a stable coin in latest tweet

Binance CEO Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao had to brag about Binance Coin being number two on the Coin Market Cap list of tokens. In a recent tweet the Binance big shot commented on the top 5 tokens saying "What does this tell you?"

Not to confuse everyone, Binance Coin is still in the top 10 overall for cryptocurrencies, however in terms of tokens, otherwise known as digital assets that act as a method of payment inside of a projects ecosystem, Binance Coin is classified as a token and falls into the category with other tokens such as BAT, NPXS, and all Stable coins.

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Binance Coin currently ranks second based on market cap, with $1.38 billion, falling behind only to the top stable coin, USDT which has a market cap of $2 billion.

CZ clearly admires Binance Coin for being a top token that has value and utility in the crypto space. Binance will soon be launching Binance Chain as well as the Binance DEX in the coming weeks. The potential for BNB to continue its solid stable growth, even in a bear market is very possible.

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BNB has been one of the more stable coins over the course of the crypto winter, seeing some of the lowest declines in price compare to some of its counterparts.

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